On this day in the 80s...
1988 - Greed Is Good! 29 years ago...
Wall Street is released on this day in history. Micheal Douglas stars as Gordon Gekko & steals the floor as the ruthless corporate raider who takes Charlie Sheen under his wing.

80s Tribute Band Class of 87 are the unrivalled live 80s covers band playing the biggest, fattest, coolest tracks of the decade..

So whether you are looking for a wedding band or it’s a corporate event, birthday, Christmas/New Year party or school, college or university reunion, Class of 87 is the function band for you.

We also offer a DJ option to fill-in between live sets. We carry over 60,000 tracks, use pro DJ gear and can take requests. So if a track or genre isn’t on our live playlist we can certainly DJ it. Unmanned backing music between live sets is free.

Relax in the knowledge that:
  • we love what we do
  • we have a 100% reliability record
  • we use hi-spec, P.A.T. equipment
  • and we carry public liability insurance

So did you like a bit of Erasure? Go misty eyed over Duran? Okay so everyone had bad hair, everything was luminous & every school had an annoying kid who could do the rubiks cube in under a minute (taking the stickers off doesn’t count! ) But the 80s was a decade of great tunes and we are bringing you the biggest, fattest, coolest tracks of the era. So flick back that fringe, slip on the ray bans, strap that big fat 80s mobile to your back and come check out Class of ’87.

or further information regarding price & availability, or to discuss your requirements, email us at info@classof87.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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